To provide sustainable quality technical education, training and an invigorating environment to young aspirants to promote creativity and stimulate innovative thought process in the students to mould them to meet the growing challenges of the industry and diverse societal needs which will lead to build a powerful and healthy nation.

  • 1. To impart technical knowledge and infuse a sense of enthusiasm among students to design, create and invent -who possess a knack to design create and develop products and services which will cater to the needs of future generations thereby leading to sustainable development.
  • 2. To promote women technocrats to make a meaningful contribution by creating a pool of talented human resource - who are capable enough to resolve the problems faced by the country using the knowledge imparted, talent inculcated and the research which we do.
  • 3. To prepare self reliant females for the technological growth of the nation and society- to train and create technical manpower by laying strong theoretical foundation accompanied by a wide practical training which in turn will become a valuable resource for the society.
  • 4. To facilitate and provide state-of-the-art facilities to women technocrats and faculty- to create an environment where novel ideas blossom, research flourishes and becomes the knowledge house of tomorrow's leaders and innovators.


To attain excellence in imparting Technical Education to females.